With the stroke of a brush a painter can create
Darkly lit castles or sunny blue waters
So can a musician with a thick chord
or a poet with a thinner pen

Imagination or inspiration
That’s what they call it
The ability to create original
Or simply describe the complex

A painter can erase their works
With pen or flame
But my dreams are inside of me
my dreams are nightmares

My creations cannot be erased
They can haunt me at their will
my will
Needs a title.
Using satire to reveal truth since October 2007
The only things I didn't like were "But my dreams are inside of me/ my dreams are nightmares." It just didn't fit for me. "But" implies that you mentioned it before, when it really just sounds like two random lines you pulled from somewhere else and put in there.

And, the other thing is "They can haunt me at their will/ my will." It's alright how it is, but it seems to me that you could drop "Can" and it'd sound better.

Other than those, I enjoyed it. Short and simple. I feel that sometimes writers get too elaborate or try to be too deep or they go on for way too long. Everyone's guilty of it. This piece is refreshing. Good job.

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