so, my friend is currently attending a guitar luthier school out in arizona, so we've been scheming on what would be a nice bass project to tinker around with. i came up with the materials and such (mostly warmoth) but i cant friggin find darkstar pickups for purchase anywhere online. buypikups.com is currently non-existant, and overly expensive regardless ($400 seems steep per pickup......).

so, the question i put to UG, where can i get them at the reviews' quoted price of $280 a pop? i ask you before talkbass because i dont want to offend fred by asking outright where i can gt his pickups way cheaper than his list price.
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Try ebay or source them from the manufacturer directly?

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The problem is that Fred sells them at 400 a pop on his site and he is the manufacturer.

crazypeanutman, you could try email him for his "select dealer" list and start there. Another option would be to find someone who sells parts for Lakland and Guild guitars, since they carry models with Darkstar pickups.