i want to get a headset for my ps3 but i am not too crazy about any of the bluetooth ones or headsets for the ps2. i really like turtle beach headsets and was wondering if computer headsets will work on a ps3. and also which ones would you recomend (it needs to plug in via usb)

also the only bluetooth headset that has caught my attention is the metal gear solid one, anyone know much about it?
Wait a bit and the official one is coming out with Socom. This belongs in the gaming thread though. There's also a metal gear solid one that looks cool.
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i dont want to wait and i prefer computer headsets.

the metal gear solid one is the only bluetooth that has caught my attention but looks arnt everything
From what I see around google, it's either Bluetooth or USB.

There doesnt seem to be an audio plug for the PC type headsets so I guess you are stuck with USB in this case.

heres some to look into: (I like logitech headsets)
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