is this supposed to be some kinda hip hop/dance song? whatever it is, it's extremely sweet.

drums are awesome. strings are awesome. the lead sawtooth was cool but I think you should've chosen something other than sawtooth. this does really need a heavy pounding bass. and the ending needs to be altered. it kinda just stops.

other than that, this whole thing had a decent amount of epicism great work. and great job attempting to exit your comfort zone.

would you crit mine? it's on the first page.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
oh wow, this is extremely well done!
very very solid, and very atmospheric, reminds me of like, a donkey level where you're like, in a factory or something haha, but that's just the guitar pro coming out. The drums are awesome!
I would've liked to see some variety in the chord progressions though, like maybe make a bridge section that takes you away from the same feel. I suppose the end is a bit different than the rest, but it was still pretty revolving around the same sort of theme and atmosphere throughout, and the ending was really quite random and sudden. But all in all, 9/10 at least, very enjoyable song!
Care to give mine a crit? Upbeat jazziness is my latest.
ok. you tried to write drum and bass. there are two essential things in this genre
looks like you only remembered one.
drums- check!- well done partner!
bass- whoopsa daisy! someone commited a crime against music!
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