I'm 15 and am moving to Nazareth, Pennsylvania(pm me if you live nearby and would be interested in jamming or anything sometime) and I was wondering if anybody knew the requirements such as age and hours of driving required to get a drivers license in Pennsylvania. As i have already seen and heard different answers to this question I was wondering if anybody on UG knew for sure...thanks and sorry for the wall of text
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When you're 16 you take a written test, pass that and you can get your drivers permit. Gotta keep that for at least six months, also drive for at least 50 hours a parent will have to verify that too, then you can take your Drivers test, pass that, a license is yours.
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6 hours of behind the wheel driving course is required. I don't know how much class time of drivers ed is required. If you finished that in the state you currently live you have no worries and just need to go to DMV and renew your permit there, just bring your paperwork from your present state.
50 Hours. 16 Years of age.
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ga in tennessee you take a written permit test when your 15, and can get your license at 16
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ga in tennessee you take a written permit test when your 15, and can get your license at 16

Same way with N.C.
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my cousins live in alabama and its the same there.

last year(when i was 16) i went golfing and was told i wasnt aloud to drive, because i was 16 and didnt have my drivers license, i was like um? yea i do, so it was all good...but the moral to that story is, apparently you have to be older than 16 to drive in florida
you have to be 16 to get a permit, and you have to have 50 hours driving and 1/2 a year of your permit in order to get your junior license, then once you turn 18 you get your regular license.
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You get your permit, than you have to drive 50 hours and wait 6 months before you go in for your license.

i know this because I live in Pennsylvania.