So my Strat is done for now & now it's on to my Ibanez. I think I have nailed my HB down to being a DiMarzio PAF Pro but I'm not exactly positive.
It looks exactly like this: http://www.dimarzio.com/site/#/pickups/ with an extra pin hole on the outer edge like the 4 in between the poles. Only thing marked is "DiMarzio Pickups & Made In U.S.A." is there somewhere else on the pup that may have info,like under the ribbon?
I may trade/sell this and just go new since the SC's need replacing & I am going to get new pots and switch since the neck pup is starting to act up. Someone didn't do a great solder job plus I have an HSS Strat and was thinking of going with a HSH PG since those seem to be the only new PG's I can find for an Ibanez Plus I want to try out some SD JB's possibly.
Is there any place to see a HSH wire diagram?
From what I gather this guitar was made 1 yr. with a maple body where the RG's later were made in Korea. I have yet to see another & the dude who has that huge Ibanez collection on-line doesn't even have 1 of these:p Someone put Grovers on & copper shielded the inside.It's in great shape & plays awesome so I want to finish it up right but it will be my first attempt at fixing a guitar:lol:
Any tips or suggestions/info appreciated.

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