Im getting a duncan phat cat P90 neck with a dimarzio air zone bridge installed in my guitar (ibanez as73) and thought a coil tap on the air zone would be a nice feature to add while my tech's in there. When I called to ask him though he told me that coil tap sucks in general and it won't sound good. something about the other coil interfering. i know i wont get a strat sound out of it but i thought the flexibility would be nice. is it worth the extra screwing around with my guitars so far perfectly performing electronics?
i have my SD sh-2n coil tapped and it gives me a nice acoustic-esque sound when tapped.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
i like my dimarzio paf's when i have em tapped. its deff not like 2 single coils, but its nice