Can Wav files work on a regular mp3 player? i need to play a dj set but dont want to use mp3s
look at the specs of your mp3 player on the website of the company that makes it, or on amazon or whatever.
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They can go on anyways, you can put any kind of file on any MP3 player. Just it might not play.
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depends on the player and amount of room you have on the unit...wavs are uncompressed and so they use a lot more room up. Most players will only play MP3s but you can normally store any type of data on the drive.
its an old iriver 40 gb. i used to record live band rehersals..would they be wav files? the filesizes were huge.

Would i get 60 songs average or 3 minutes long on it? Its coming out at 40,000 Kbs a song
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^Definitely WAV files if they were 40MB a song

no 40 kbs
Link it to the PC and go though my computer. Move one of the files off the player and check it's properties to see what file type it is.

I had an old iRiver once, flash based 512mb...it was fair but not enough storage...
Try converting it by any software such as Xilisoft Video Converter but the trial period is only 5 minutes. I have the serial codes but that's considered illegal.
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