Hey everybody

I have a Epiphones Les Paul Standard and I want to mod it.

I will get Duncan pickups: 59 for bridge and probably a jazz one for the neck so I can get a really nice clean sound there.(I am going for a vintage kind of sound but I don't think my my guitar nor my playing is worth a set of P.A.F replicas)

I also want to rewire my guitar in the Jimmy Page style. I know he never used it while playing for Led Zeppelin but I want it to get all those different sound because my band plays a lot of different kinds of music and it would really make my les paul more versatile.

Anyway if you are still reading my question is what kind of parts I should use.
I know I will need :
some 22 gauge wire
4 x push/pull pots
2 x 0.022 caps
new 3-way switch (just because I want to get a new and better one)
Also a new jack because of the same reason as the switch.

I know there are sets out there but they are all over priced and low quality parts so yeah

SO yeah what would be good to use I know I will probably need to drill bigger holes to put in the new pots in my guitar also I need short shaft parts.

Thanks for any help
i dunno but on a side note i am pretty sure page used the under over string wrapping method on his strings, so you could always use that too. i find it makes the guitar more twangy and i like it.
I would just go for another '59 in the neck. The Jazz isn't that great.

BTW, '59's are PAF replicas.

If you want a more powerful sound in the bridge, put an SH-14 Custom 5 in there, instead.

Get some Push/Pull pots from eBay, save some cash. I wouldn't spend more than 5 bucks per pot.
For everything else, going to stewmac.com would work.

Are you sure you need to drill bigger holes in your guitar? And are you sure you don't need long shaft ones?
What ever pick ups try to get them with 4 conductor wires or you'll be in for some extra fun.
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yeah I guess all duncans have 4 conductors

do you think I would still get a nice clean sound with a 59 in the neck?
thanks a lot guys!!

so wait how do I make sure they will have 4 conductors do i have to order at duncan or can I just go to for example musiciansfriend ?
I'm pretty sure Duncans are 4 wire.

Go to the post I listed above:
Here for wiring diagrams : http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/
It shows the wires for duncans as well as other brands

More specifically : http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=color_codes
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you want 500k pots and .047uF caps. i'm probably doing the same project on my les paul so if you have any questions i can probably help
Thansk that would be awesome!!

I am not sure but I think .022uF caps might be better. I know it says .047uF in the diagram but .022 should give a better sound. AS far as I know .047 are more for single coil pickups.

wild question how much wire do you guys think I need? like 2 or maybe 3 foot?
3 feet would be more than enough. See if you can get tinned wire. This kind of wire already has some solder on it, which makes creating solder joints much faster.

You would be fine with .022uF caps. Experiment! I'm using .033uF right now. Another guy on UG enjoys .015uF caps.

I don't know how thick your top is, so I don't know if you'll need those long shaft pots. Why not check what's in there now?
good question hahah I am on vacation right now so I can't measure but since it is an epi it is probably the short shaft one which would be the first one right? it says: Pot, 500K Audio Taper, Split Shaft Mini, DPDT Push/Pull pretty long name but is it the right thing if I need short shaft pots?

thanks a lot for your help man you are awesome!!!
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I found one

now i am just looking to find the custom5 sh14 with zebra colors but I guess thats just something cosmetic.

thanks for the wiring diagram the colors help!!!

how exactly does that grounding work what do i do with that wire?

http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/pickups_sdhumsh14.htm any color you want
no I read about it on some thread and than checked out online and it looks like a lot of fun hahaha

yeah I will get them both in Zebra I think it looks awesome lol

thanks for the other diagram. I think I will use this one:http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=jp_style

but when you u look at the diagram everywhere were is says solder do I have to solder a wire there and wire it to the ground wire of the jack? and the ground of the bridge what is that?
awesome !! thanks!!!
it looks really good!! that will really help!! thank you so much
alright I am finally back and I checked the pots that are in there and the threaded shaft is 3/8 inch long so I guess I will have to get short shaft.
I was thinking of this one:
but I think it's not the right kind but I am pretty sure this one is:
the third one(1216) I think is the right one for me.

I guess I will also get some Vitamin Q Oil Paper Capacitor .022uF 400v

anybody has any thoughts on this?