For electric, I use a Jazz III, for acoustic I a Dunlop Ultex .73. In my humble opinion jazz III's are the quickest picks out there, and ultex's far and away are the best sounding I've played, so I just got done making a hybrid of the two, ultex in a III's shape and it is sweet. I took some pic's with my cell but they didn't do it justice. Also made this key chain looking contraption with a pick on the end that you can flip around you finger with, to switch from strumming to fingerpicking and back again, love that thing.

Anyways, I'm ramblin, Pit, what kind of pick do you play...and if you have any special designs you've done, please share about the project
Dunlop Tortex Reds for guitar, none for bass.
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usually fingers but for anything i need a pick, anything around 1mm.
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there may be another thread like this already, but anyways, i just use a standard fender medium pick, im not too picky.... haha (pun intended) i think they work fine. not too thick not too think... perfect lol
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Dunlop Tortex Reds for guitar, none for bass.

I like the Tortex a lot too, they've got a comfortable feel to em, prolly my second favorite for acoustics.
Yellow Dunlop Tortex (the .73mm ones).

I use the big triangle ones though. I like something to hang onto.
Acoustic strumming = .43mm (or .60mm)
Acoustic picking = .88mm
Heavy riffs on electric = 1mm

Just pick up the Dunlop or Planet Waves pics...
And this Harley Davidson 1mm pic i have...
But i lose my pics a lot so no pic lasts too long with me.
I exclusively (well, as long as they are available) use Gibson mediums.

Although for acoustic I tend to use gibson thins for some reason if I am not fingerpicking.
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Jazz IIIs FTMFW!!!!!

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Dunlop Tortex The Wedge
I have been using the same pick for an year, because I can't find those picks in my current city, and also can't find a better one.
Be amazed, it still works awesome. I use the 1 mm pick (blue turtle)

Dunlop Tortex Blues mostly, but Dunlop 1.0mm nylons and other heavy picks occasionally.
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dunlop 1mm blue tortex. great from speed picking and sweet alternative palmmuting. they sound phat
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any pick, it makes little difference to me. If I want to tremolo or economy pick real fast I usually prefer a thinner pick.
Dunlop 2.0mm gets the job done for me.
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Dunlop nylon, .88
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Pink Tortex is where it's at.

edit: (.96mm)
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Planet Waves .7 mm's. They work like charms every time.

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When I was really starting i used Lucky 13 medium's just for the lucks, now that i'm getting serious in guitar i play white fender mediums
green tortex

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whatever is cheap. Usually fender mediums. Or anything medium that is solid colored, i hate the ones that have pictures on one side, then when you alternate pick it sounds weird on the upstroke.
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Damn...ah well, mine looks better anyways haha. But damn, I was gonna patent and sell it to Dunlop, then live off my profits in Tahiti with my ridiculous beautiful with drinking corona and strumming a six string all day.
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there may be another thread like this already, but anyways, i just use a standard fender medium pick, im not too picky.... haha (pun intended) i think they work fine. not too thick not too think... perfect lol

same here
Fender Medium's, and occasionally these light gauge picks a local shop gave me. Don't know the gauge though.

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and i got a stone pick
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