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Fender SCN Samarium Cobalt Noiseless
5 36%
DiMarzio DP123 Model
2 14%
Basslines Vintage Jazz Bass Pickup
3 21%
EMG JHZ Passive Bass Pickup Set
2 14%
Other, make sure to name
2 14%
Voters: 14.
DiMarzio DP123 a friend of mine has these on his american Jazz and I loved the tone, great lows with out any muddy sounds
My American Deluxe Jazz puts out like nobody's business and the pickups are dead silent and as clear as a bell.
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I have basslines quarterpounders and they sound great and my tone knob does something now.
Which one of us here, that owns one of the listed pups (I'm have the dimarzios on my j) is actually going to be decently familiar with all of the choices, and eliminate the bias of the pup we own? Not me lol. I'll say the dimarzios are very clear and articulate, as versitile as a good jazz bass deserves to be, and qnoise-free, but I wish they had a little more output.

Seriously good quality pickups. After hearing a bass with them in, I am determined to get a pair should I ever buy a jazz bass.
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