okay, so i was restringing my guitar, and i flipped it over to take the beads on the end of the strings out of the guitar and when i turned it right, the bridge fell off but i saw something else, my bridge PICKUP had sunken. the long screw in the top of the casing thing was out, and is kind of stripped [not from me, came like that] and the top part of the pickup "sank" in the guitar. i'll take pics in a sec

what can i do? the screw is pretty stripped in the center and wont screw at all when it does twist or i use my fingers. help, i'm really worried
sounds like your going to have to buy a new screw for it. Try allparts.com it has what your looking for I'm sure. You'll just have to go without playing the bridge pickup for a few days....and when you get the screw just swap 'em out
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but i can still slightly turn the screw, it just doesnt seem like its doing anything either way, i see the thing turning though
if the local music store has been around for awhile, they'll probably have a pile of random bits and pieces lying around. if they've got a screw that fits, and they're not the type of prick to charge you for a screw, they might just give you one.
i know i handed out the occasional saddle allen screw. then again, i'm pretty much the greatest guy ever.
i'd say a pickup mounting screw. they should know what you're talking about.
i don't know what they're really called.
ok the screw has just come out of the pick up, you'll have to take the pup cover off to see what i mean, but you'll just have to screw it back in. If its stripped, go to local hardware store and get a similar screw.
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