We didn't pick it up tonight, but they're holding it for us until tomorrow, and we'll go get it at about noon or 1. For those of you who didn't see my post earlier, my dad and I found an ORIGINAL '67 Bassman head and cab at our local music shop; someone brought it in on consignment for $1600. A bloody steal. It was used about twice because the woman bought it in '68 but is an acoustic player, so it sat in her basement for 40 years. Original tubes and everything. The only thing wrong with it is a one inch tear at the very bottom of the grille cloth. But that's nothing.

Tomorrow, I'll be the very proud owner of an original '67 Bassman. I'll post pics when I have it home and set up.
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holy jizzz...how the hell did you come across that?

I have no ****ing idea. I'm in shock just as much as you are...

If I have a stroke when I bring it home tomorrow, I'll have my dad tell you guys. xD
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Tits on a whale! I hate it when people find awesome stuff like that

Tits on a whale! Me too. But not when it's me.

I will post pics, I promise.