Hi guys, I'm looking at buying either an Orange Tiny Terror, an Avatar 2x12 with V30's and a ts9 for about $1600 (australian dollars) or a Peavey Classic and a ts9 for about $1200.

Now i've done a lot of research on the Tiny Terror and it seems to cover what im after perfectly, from a dimed plexi sound to an old jcm800 with a boost out the front and i really love the tone i can get from it.

The issue is that i've got a feeling that the classic 30 can cover similar territory for less coin but i havent seen any examples of its high gain stuff myself so im not sure how it would go. I've also heard stories about tube rattling and it needing a speaker swap which would jack up the price close enough to the cost of the tiny terror.

I'd just like to see if anyone can vouch for the peavey classic and if it can run with the tiny terror.

Cheers guys
buy the orange, if you ever need more volume at a gig, just mic it
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I think the Orange will handle the high gain better than the Peavey will.
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Hmm well seeing as how I haven't played either but both are praised highly on this forum I'm going to have to ask... what volume are you going for? Headroom?

i'm just after enough volume to be louder than a drummer (which i know both will do) and clean headroom is not an issue so the Peavey doesnt win any extra points there for me.

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I think the Orange will handle the high gain better than the Peavey will.

yeah, i was kind of sure of this as well but i was after some other peoples opinions. i'm at uni at the moment and will be for another 2 and a half years so $1600 will be a significant dent in my bank account but at the same time i dont want to cheap out and lose the tone i really want
The Tiny Terror does not have a lot of flexibility and lacks the lower mid range crunch of say... an AD50. But it is a great sounding head none the less. Great for the price, still sounds like an Orange. If thats what you're after, go for it.