umm. less talk, more guitar playing. and, please don't advertise you ****. music. now you're talking about your car.

guitar riff was pretty cool. the chord proggression was pretty familiar. vocals were pretty good, although i could quite understand the lyrics. at some points your vocals got rather whiny sounding. chorus was overdone "scream out your name" was definately a questionable lyric.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=920938
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right, but my point is, if you want UGers to crit the music, you should do a seperate vid where you have just the music. you could for instance use Windows Media Editor to cut out the intro talking.
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I COULD. But that would require more effort, and if users here don't want to take the time to watch an extra minute in a half, then their opinion really isn't that valid to me anyway. I'm not going to conform my videos in order to get more feedback. You either don't or you do, but you can trust, that I will leave very valid feedback in return.