the vintage reissue tube screamer and the tube screamer.
they dont say how they are different, they are different prices i know.
but why??
i see three different kinds of tubescreamers.
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Effects Pedal
Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer Reissue
Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer Effects Pedal
whats the difference?
by vintage reissue im assuming the T-808 and by regular TS you mean the TS9

ts808 has a bit more grit/dirt to it compared to the ts9. if your looking for more vintage rock grit then the ts-808 is the way to go. if you want a cleaner boost or smoother drive (for blues etc) then ts9 is nice
what about the turbo tube screamer
i just found out that existed when i was looking up the names of the different models
The TS-9DX is suppsied to have an extra mode knob with 4 different modes:

1. TS9 : The classic TS9, no modifications.
2. + : Grittier than the original TS9.
3. HOT : Crunchier tone with boosted mids, like a wall of 4 x 12s.
4. TURBO : Powerful, bottom thick sound, like todays modern/alternative guitarists like.

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The TS808 is a beefier sounding overdrive, less transparent than the TS9, more of an ovedrive, less of a boost. The TS9 is a more transparent boost type of drive.

Then there is my personal favorite, tone-lok TS7, the biggest surprise, very cheap, yet sounds almost exactly like a TS808. A change of two resistors will yield the same circuit as a TS808 at less than a quarter the price of the reissue, although the stock already sounds amazingly close. Yes, new for $40. I bought one used for $15 to dick around with a few years back and have been using it ever since.
if you get the ts9 dont get the dx unless you have a bad amp that cant handle bass on it own. most of the extra modes on the ts9dx are useless. as you switch modes it basically just keeps boosting your bass. one bass boost is fine but the hot and turbo modes are just ridiculous (and useless IMO).

the only time i really use any mode besides normal is when the speaker gets flabby and i need to tighten up the bass a bit.
i wasnt planning on getting the turbo one
its either between the ts808 or the ts9.....decisions decisions
my opinion would be do you need more grit if you play rock styles and plan to use the pedal OD then go for the 808.

if you need to tighten up your sound with a clean boost or prefer the smoother pedal drive than go for TS9.

both are quality. its more about your taste in this case
i play a little bit of everything but mainly with some distortion but i im not about overly distorted solo's so im thinking about ts9 but im going to have to play them both first.
yea i never just buy something without playing it first, well i mean over 50 dollars anyway.
damn it the ts808 is expensive, almost 200 bucks.....
No, the tubescreamers are very smooth, they're not saturated sounding pedals, you will not get an overly distorted signal unless you are boosting.

Take my advice and try a TS-7.