my band, stereofidelic is looking for a creative logo. whoever designs us the best logo will possibly get a prize.

our old logo is:

we're looking for something that looks very pop-punk and creative

if it could incorporate our album title, this is your theme song, it would be really cool

our band is a hybrid of punk, pop-punk, post-hardcore and reggae
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Thats not a logo, thats a font. Anyboner, possibly get a prize is kinda lame. Do better.
lawlz yoo iz kweer..

*ahem* No.
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Get rid of the trees. Bring in lots of colors and make the design sort of circular.

I spent like three weeks working on this especially for you so don't knock it!

And yes, I am being sarcastic!
I lol at Tool's logo. Oh censhorship...

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