I play a lot of metal and clean stuff, and I'll be getting a Fender Standard P-Bass with it.

I mostly play at home, I do not gig at the moment, but if I ever were to, I would like to not have to buy a new amp, so loudest and clearest is a key point.

I also would like to play my guitar through it aswell.

My initial thought was the Ashdown EB 15-180, but I just want explore before I make a decision.

Ashdown EB 15-180

Ambeg BA115

Fender Rumble Series 100/210

Acoustic B200

Also, I was looking at the said Ashdown EB 15-180 and I noticed It looked different from pictures I saw of it.

Normally online I see them as this:

But at the store it was one of these:

Now, on the first picture there's an actual meter at the upper left hand side, whereas on the latter picture its only LED's.

Also, the compressions knob has been removed on the version I found at the store, as well as the grill being different.

Is this anything to worry about?

EDIT: After looking closer I noticed the the first picture is the EVO model... >:V
Other than the said differences, are there any major performance differences between the two?

Thanks for help.
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I believe they only recently started adding compressors to their lower end amps. And they must have upgraded the LED Input Level meter on the newer models as well. The manual for my MAG 600(made in '07 or '06 and does not have a compressor) shows the Electric Blue series as it is in your second picture. I'd try checking their website for clarification.
Ashdown- good amp, can't go wrong
Ampeg- BA series is crap
Fender- not bad, pretty good stuff
Acoustic- may be my own next purchase.
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Warwick Fortress>>Acoustic AB50

people say that the tone from the fender rumbles are pretty eh

i say get the ashdown or the acoustic
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The differences you've listed are the only differences between the old model and the new one.
Them ashdown EB 15-180 are sexy amps, ive played through my mates one alot and you can't go wrong with an ashodwn, you wont be dissapointed.