At first I was gonna be mean and say you must have hated your cat but I decided not to. Really nice, I actually noticed your attempt to not use ("soulful") bends, I think this proved that arpeggiated sweeps can be just as soulful as bends. Nice acoustic chords, and the voice thingy was nice too.

RIP your cat. (Ice Princess?)
this was a very nice sounding song. I love the sad vibe you've got going while still holding an upbeat tempo and like bloodshed said, giving quick technical guitarwork some feeling.

21 definitely needs to be changed though. although directly afterwords, I'm getting a more hopeful vibe. was this supposed to be a transition?
and choir aahs were way too loud for me. I don't know how it sounds to you though. I set it to 7.
ending was decent. it brought the song to a close, but it could be better.
and finally, add drums and bass! it would add so much to this song.

could you give my song a listen? it's on the first page.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
I like the sweeps, Very groovy with the acoustic. I could also feel the vibe of a dying pet or a close lost one if you think when listening to the song, as you stated in 2 hours that is pretty decent.

Give my song a crit? first page as well
haha, no my cat's name was not actually ice princess. don't ask.

yeah i understand the whole "soulful bends" thing. but actually this was first just an attempt at practicing sweeping and then it's like, eh, what the heck.

yeah the transition was definitely not right... it's too... sudden? i mean it works after that but otherwise it needs a better segway.

thanks for the crit.
wait what
at first when there was just an acoustic and choir aahs i was like "oh please no..."

then you have the other guitar. the other guitar i think does very very well. very surprising.

friend told me to save it. said he wants to learn it

its one thing to have a song people like....its another to have a song people go "i wanna play that"

good job.
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One of the better examples of sweep arpeggios I've seen. Well in terms of being melodic at least. As far as playability goes, it's not possible, at least not as it's written.
it is possible. i forgot to write some of the notes are tapped and a couple have really horrible fingerings, but about halfway through the song when i was just writing and everything was beyond my playability level, i was just going for notes instead of good fingerings.

and to the person who successfully learns this first, you can have my new cat.
wait what
Not really what I would expect from someone with Muhammed Suicmez as their avatar. Sounds really cool though, but as mentioned before it looks very hard to actually play.
Yep, that's definitely sounds likes kitty alright xD

really nice piece:p
not much I can say about it, sounds overal pretty good to me, the only thing is that I find the ending a little to sudden, it sounds like you just continue sweeping and all of a sudden there this single note on the high e string:p
but besides that it sounds pretty cool:p 9/10
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