This is just a rough draft, but I was interested to see what others thought. Thanks in advance for any criticism you may have. I'm pretty new to all of this and to this forum. (first post)

You know we're drawing ever near
An endless "mayday" with no appeal
So kiss my head and kiss it hard,
For beats don't skip in this old heart
With premature arms scraping the sky,
We will profess our fears before we die
To only hear silence for the rest of our lives
We will listen, oh we will listen
We will count the time

And if I had my way,
We would hold up our
bittersweet and bullet-holed,
flags of white and red;
yours full of what
mine isn't willing to shed

So go ahead, roll your eyes,
These words are snakes,
Tracing the sin in your mind
My eyes are pendulums
Just counting out the time
So when I say I love you,
Ask if I mean it this time...