Hey guys, I'm planning on replicating the Shakti guitar that John McLaughlin used for a period of time with Shakti (obviously).

If anyone here has had any experience with scalloping the fingerboard and or could hook me up with some detailed information on the profile of a scalloped neck, I would be extremely grateful. I would in turn pass the information to my luthier who is currently repairing one of my acoustics that I plan to do this on.

I have experience with scalloping. It's really easy and it feels amazing. Bending and vibrato are a lot easier. For some people (like me) it's also easier to play fast.
^ It's also just as easy to play everything out of tune if you have no experience with playing on a scalloped fretboard. Sure bends and vibrato are easier, but it takes a bit to get used to, and takes a trained ear to make sure you are playing in tune. Certainly not for a beginner(not saying the TS is).