Ok, so more like Smiths Station...We have a bassist, a vocalist, a possible rythem guitarist, and a drummer. We need a lead guitarist, and I'm thinking on having dual rythem guitarist's, and keys/sampler as well.

Until we lock into each others style's, we will be playing covers, and working on OT's until we lock easy. Then it'll be OT's, and working on covers

As far as genres are concerned the "MySpace three" will be Metal/Trash/Punk, but we're really gonna play whatever we feel like playing...blues...funk..."electronica", and EBM...hell, emo...whatever comes out, comes out...

And as a side note, the band's name is Outworld.

so if anybody lives in the PC/C-Town/S-Town area, and plays lead, rythem, keys, or scratch pad/sampler post, and shoot me a pm

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