Ok i have a dean razorback and i have Erni's Balls 11-58, i don't use the 28 (4th) it's in Drop A tuning, and when i play the 6th string on some of the frets it gets this little fret buzz, But the thing is its buzzing on the fret im playing not any frets in front of it. whats wrong here?
whats wrong is that you have a dean razorback
but besides that, your trust rod is probably messed up from going from a normal tuning to such low tuning,
so try fixing the trust rod
Loosen the truss rod, and maybe adjust the seat for the 6th string. and that will fix it.

And i never thought i see a guy named VVshred say a razorback is a bad guitar.
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the only reason you should screw with the truss rod is if the neck isn't straight. The reason for the buzz is the fact that the string has such a low tension, thus has a larger amplitude. Also the frets might not be even, causing some buzz.
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can someone give me a perfect set of strings for this tuneing? I hear Nile uses a gauge 70 for the low A but i dont know where i can get that string on the web
If you're going that low, you should probably be using .12's or .13's

And i'm putting my vote in for D'addario, since they're my favorite strings.
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Would this set work? 11-14-18-38-50-70? by the way i use that same set and all the strings work really really good except the buzzing on the 6th and like on 2 frets on the 5th
use .12's or .13's. im an ernie ball fan so im gonna say ernie ball strings.
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but the weird thing i use the same set of strings for my schecter 7 string and i tune 1 step lower and the strings are fine no buzz at all
Hmm, does that lead you to believe that it is the guitars fault, and not the strings? Because if it doesn't you aren't thinking...
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