I've pretty much decided my next guitar is going to be a I'm in love with the look of the White Falcon but have no way of affording a guitar like that. What other guitars are there/would you recommend that are similar looking(And also come in white, one of the things I love about it haha) to the White Falcon that are in the more ~$1000 and under range?
Just the overall look. For example there's plenty of guitars out there modeled after/look exactly the Stratocaster and the Telecaster. I was wondering if there's any cheaper guitars like this that look like the White Falcon
if its just the look then i could recommend a white acoustic guitar.. be more specific
i don't know of any cheaper white ones, but you could always look at the lower end gretsch guitars. I personally love the white falcon also, and i don't think a low end gives the same look but i don't think you'll find many gretsch copies

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look at the semi hollow and hollowbody epiphone guitars like the es' and the allycats and such. their pretty good for the money and im pretty sure they all come in white
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lol.... what about playability and sound :P most guitars come in pretty white with gold hardware. lol
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The Gretsch Electromatic's are brilliant. I very nearly bought one...and I don't have any money for this sort of thing! They always make limited runs of certain colours and I'm sure that I've seen a white one before. Check them out.

I'm rather fond of the orange ones though.
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