Anyone here into Youth Group? Pretty legit group from Australia. I know they are pretty big there, but have had some moderate success in the States as well.

Their last two albums have both come out in the states (the lates, Casino Twilight Dogs) and they have had exposure through soundtracks setc. They did a pretty good cover of Forever Young (the alphaville song, not rod stewart), and it was used as a part of the soundtrack for the godawful soap, The OC.

but anyways, anyone else here like them? also, does anyone know if their newest album is going to be released in the US, and if so, when? it was released months ago in australia...
I think they're pretty good. I'm mostly familiar with their older stuff, though. The only thing I've heard as far as their new-ish stuff is "Catching & Killing," which is a good song.
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I got into them a while ago, but only listened to Shadowland. Recommend any albums?

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