Is this normal?

I perfectly set up my ibanez S520EX. beautiful action, relief, tuning, intonation, lock, and fine tuning. Ready to shred.

but even after I lock it, and use the tremolo-- not even CLOSE to satriani style--I notice a subtle change in tuning, even less than a 1/4 note. I can tell the tuning is off by that much because each string offs differently.

Whats even worse, i also notice a shift in intonation. Bleh. Anyone who set the intonation on a floyd can relate to that (yes with the "key" and all strings EXACTLY intonated to pitch).

and when i dip the trem in the opposite direction, the tuning levels a little to normal. cant say the same for the intonation.

I tune only to E. No Drop tunings or anything.

I need this fixed. I'm learning "surfing with the alien" and thats exactly why i bought a floyd.

I'll take whatever advice you have. Thanks!
Are you sure that you stretched the strings out enough before locking the Floyd? The use of the whammy bar/bending can send unstretched strings out of tune, slightly.

I've heard great things about the ZR trim, so i don't think it would be the quality of the equipment.
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if its a ZR, easy stretch tip: BEFORE you lock the nut, pull back on the whammy bar for about five minutes, and your strings will all be stretched, I do his before I lock the nut every string change, and I never have to retune until the next time I change strings. Amazing trem system.
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Wait... So FRs really make it so you dont have to tune your guitar until you replace strings??
Quote by StanleyBaby!
Wait... So FRs really make it so you dont have to tune your guitar until you replace strings??

Yeah they lock at the nut to prevent any major changes in tuning. If there are any slight changes from temperature, humidity, string stretching etc. you an adjust with the fine tuners at the bridge.

To the threadstarter the strings are probably just stretching out. I find it a good idea to play for a while with the nut unlocked until the strings have stretched fully then lock the nut in place. This means that you won't have any problems with the fine tuners having to be turned loads in one direction to compensate for the stretching. Sometimes when this happens the fine tuners are adjusted one way so far that they reach a limit and can't be tuned any further in one direction.