Okay, by now most of you must know that one of many famous Jimi Hendrix songs is "Hey Joe" which is one of the best rock songs of all time for sure.. now you may or may not know that song is a cover of someone Else's namely Billy Roberts who is given credits for writing the song... and there is probably a million covers, Ive heard of covers from The Byrds, The Leaves, etc... but anyways here's my question; is there a recorded version of one before Jimi Hendrix's Version that he got the idea from or was it a simple bar show where someone gave him the idea, if you know of an original recording please let me know i would love to hear it...

TY in Advance, Kolby
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I'm interested in this as well. It's a recording I've always wanted to hear, yet I've never been able to find it.
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I knew that it was covered from Billy Roberts.....anyway, I'm not sure whether or not there was a recorded version pre-Hendrix but I'm fairly confident that there probably would have been since one of the managers in England was looking for somebody to cover "Hey Joe" before Hendrix was signed and coincidentally that he went to see Hendrix and the first song Jimi played was "Hey Joe" Or at least that's what I heard on BBC's Seven Ages of Rock that was on last year
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