I have a strat style Poplar body. Anyone have any clue what this will sound like? Is poplar a good wood? I have never played on a poplar body and have no clue as to what it sounds like or anything. Help?
used for acoustic soundboards, i believe
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Poplar works just fine as a tonewood, the body will sound like a typical strat body. The way the body is built, the amp, pickups, electronics, and hardware are probably going to have more of an effect on the sound of the guitar than what wood its made out of.
alright thanks bro, i was kinda worried someone would tell me it was crap and i would have to go buy a new body lol.
Poplar is my all time fravorite wood for strat bodies! Many of the MIJ strats used poplar and the old MIJ's are becoming more and more collectable all the time. Poplar sounds very similar to alder but has slightly better sustain the notes seem to have more bite.
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poplar is great. very mid-rangey wood. much similiar to alder as said. Its a good bit harder than alder... think of walnut/sapele when it comes to hardness. its hard, but not dense. bends easily, so its bad for necks. has the most amazing coloring in it if you get the right piece. purple/green/orange/yellow/blue streaks from mineral poisoning.
Wow really? I'm glad to hear that... poplar grows like weeds up by my cabin. I figure I can start making some decent 2 piece blanks out of it.

I'm glad I stumbled on this thread!
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Thanks guys youve been a huge help with the whole wood issue, im glad i found somewhere that i can get advice from guys that have experience with things that i dont

@Otter: Dude go for it that would be sick, the only things that grow around me are plums..without a tree O.o
hey otter, where in Canada is your cabin? If your gonna cut down and mill your own poplar make sure you dry it for long enough. poplar os a great wood. its very easy to finish, has a great tone, good sustain and can look pretty good if you get a nice clear piece.

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lac du bonnet ( northern manitoba )

yeah I figure it will have to be kiln dried, I don't feel like having sit around for 2 years
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Otter, you're my new god.
I used to be poplar back in highschool... now i'm not so poplar...

lame joke... I like poplar. it's a great working wood... it was the first wood i ever cut with a router
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Ah nice, I ask because i was up in Ontario earlier this week staying in a lake outside of kingston. I was hoping to maybe find some places up in southern ontario that could supply me with some lumber that isn't available to me in PA (sitka spruce) because I may be up there several times before the end of the year.
So it sounds to me like Poplar is used pretty often around here, and it'll the first wood i do anything with*routing out the pickup cavity*