Iv got a AD30tc...wicked amp but i cant seem to boost my sound for solos with my boss eq pedal,im having 2 use chan 2 for solo and chan 1 for rythem and keep pissin about with the gain for certain songs.......can anyone help?? cheers
If the preamp is already distorting, boosting the signal will just give more gain - not volume.

Change the EQ curve to boost the mids. That way you will cut through better during solos.
Yeah exactly, you need it in the effects loop to boost the volume.

I can otherwise something like a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET for solo boost, that's what I use and it's a great OD/ booster! Also has a big volume boost, even if you put it in front!
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nice 1 mate havnt tried that yet i thought it would alter the sound,but will certanly give it a go. cheers