I was just wandering why there is no dedicated prog thread....
Why is it mixed with 80s and shred?
Anyone who wants to try and start a dedicated prog forum an join the group in my sig, but I still dunno why UG didnt make one...
Because then we would have to have forums for every single subgenre, which is not going to happen.
oh ok thanks lol
Yeah i guess it would be kind of stupid to have a forum for like-

Death Metal
Black Metal

I think Myung-trucci actually meant why does it have toe be 80s Rock, Shred & Progressive? Why not 70s Rock, 80s Rock and Shred? Or 80s Rock, Rock and Roll & 90s Rock? I believe the REAL answer you are searching for is: Aliens. Blame it on the aliens.
Guess what scale this song is in and I'll give you an eCookie.

I can answer that question for you. They all share the interest of technical guitar playing. Remember, this is a prog GUITAR forum not a prog music forum ;-)

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You could make a case for each genre or subgenre here. It's this way, nobody's really bothered by it since it works, done.
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