I made this one a few months ago, and my buds keep saying it sounds "off" or that it doesn't go together. Personally, i love it and I'm looking to expand on this in the near future.

I don't know whether i love myself too much, or if my buds are yankin my strings, or dont know wtf they're talking about ahah but let me know what YOU think? it's on my profile "Ro-Ming" and rate?

tyty and crit for crit ^-^
Honestly. Wtf?

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I loved the intro with the burst of guitar and then the contrast of it fading away. The tone was nicely distorted/overdriven. I liked the fact it wasn't too slow as it kept the interest going. The middle section where I think you introuced some rests in the piano part is where I could see your friends' points of view but I actually think it works well as it leads into the tempo slowing down. I would have left the piece fading out towards the end just because when you have a slow sad peice it seems out of character to end it in the matter in which you did. However, I suppose it adds to the slightly ''angry'' theme.

One way in which you could improve is to make the harmony of the piano quiter whilst the melody could sing out a bit more, because the melody (right hand) is more important but I did like the way you decorated it.

As for you loving yourself too much I couldn't possibly comment, but I'd be proud if i'd written something like that and you should work on expanding upon the style.

You can C4C if you like, link in my sig, but if poetry or lyrics aren't your scene then don't worry.

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