I can write lyrics pretty good and I can sing them. And I can play guitar fairly well. But I have no idea how to construct a song. I can't get my lyrics into my guitar playing and vise-versa. There has got to be some way to help me.
I was going to offer some advice, but I'm not going to because you seem like you wouldn't appreciate it anyway.
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^ lol Ok dude, i'm having this same issue... kinda. I mean, do you at least have the whole back bone to the song? I have at least 6 riffs that are pending... I can't find the words.

So I would say; First lay out the whole riff, or at least the main riff (you can always cut or extend for any chorus parts, those to me will come after my main verse).

Next, I humm a melodie over the riff.

I'm so picky with myself I haven't finished half a song yet... because the words aren't there. I have most of the molodies... but not the confidence.But if you're a good lyricist, all you need is the melodie, then write words for that. I refuse to get help for my songs... I want my stuff to be 100% mine... so I'm tuffing it out.

I guess it'll come whenever it comes. I'm not trying to force anything, because that's when you get crap... so for now, I'm just practicing on my singing and getting even better at guitar.
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I was going to offer some advice, but I'm not going to because you seem like you wouldn't appreciate it anyway.
So the thread starter acted like a dick in one post (doesnt even mean he'll do it again). I still want your advice.

Anyway, my advice is this.

If your better at lyrics, write a melody first. If your better at melody (like me!!), write lyrics first. This is important, because an intelligent lyricist can write lyrics around any melody (I wish I was a walking thesaurus) and an experienced composer can write a melody around any lyrics.

Seperate each word in your lyrics by sylables. Assign each sylable a note in a singing melody. Remember, you can stretch sylables (Far can becomes Fa-ARR) and you can shorten sylables, shakespear was a genious at this (Over can become O'er and retard can become simply 'tard).
When stretching sylables, it sounds like a slide on a guitar to me. So if your mucking around and you notice your phrase you want to use (as a singing melody) only sounds nice if you use a slide, try to slur/stretch on the slide.

Figure out which sylables are stressed and which are unstressed. Theres pragmatic english language rules for this, which I'll post if anyone is having trouble. Generally you'll use your ear, as stressed sylables are longer, louder and move more.

Keep stressed sylables on stressed beats. This helps with the flow MAJORLY. Take the time signature 3/4. The stressed sylable is every 3rd beat, 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3. So you'll have stressed, unstressed, unstressed. This is only a guideline (more so than anyything else I've said), sometimes its best to mix it up, use your ear and you logical skills.

Thats just my thoughts (some borrowed from others, some original) on combining lyrics with melody. If you need help writing singing melodies, just ask and I'll post my long, confusing, short hand notes on writing them.
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