I played every Les Paul I could get my hands on and this is the winner. I will mate with it later tonight and produce goldtop babies for future generations.

Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul Gold top VOS

sexy love that gold top

how much did it set you back?
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Can I have one?????????

It is sexy.

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Congrats man! That thing is sexy. I have an elitist Les Paul, but I've always wanted a Gibson. I am way too cheap though to pay more than 2k, especially with the LP Custom.

How does it play? How much was it?
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Goldtop is sexy as hell... !

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Thanks! The elitist is a sweet LP. I paid $2800 for it. I was planning on not spending more than 2k but this thing sounded so good I couldn't resist. The action is a bit high so Ima take it down a bit. Other than that it plays like a dream.
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