Okay, so it's 4:35 in the morning, and I've been going through my cd collection and I stumbled across my Metallica cd's. Now, of course all of us have our bands that we started out with, I mean it's inevitable that we have that one band that just...brings you back to a time when you listened to music and weren't pissed off that that guitar hook was used previously on an Animal Collective song.

Anyway, I popped in a few cds, I started with the older ones, Master of Puppets, etc. etc. And gradually moved towards the 90's stuff. Load, ReLoad, and the like. It suddenly dawned me, this band is far better than the fans that they have.

I mean, I know this is completely the wrong forum, but that's the point. I'd consider some of the stuff they did in the nineties completely alternative. Artistically speaking, Load is an excellent album. I'd say Load & ...And Justice For All are their two peaks as artists, and if those albums were released today it would....well I can't honestly say what it would be.

But for the sake of lowering yourselves for the sake humility or whatever, I ask you. What band did you start out and how did the progression lead you to your current taste in music.

I'm interested to know, here's mine:

Metallica ---> Nirvana ---> Bush ---> Everclear ---> Third Eye Blind ---> 90's Alternative

90's Alternative ---> Blink 182 ---> Newfound Glory ---> The Offspring ---> Dead Kennedys ---> Hardcore Punk

Hardcore Punk ---> Bad Brains ---> Minor Threat ---> Fugazi ---> Thursday ---> Post Hardcore

Post Hardcore ---> At The Drive-In ---> The Mars Volta ---> The Blood Brothers ---> Noise Rock

Noise Rock ---> Sonic Youth ---> Pavement ---> Built to Spill ---> Modest Mouse ---> Alternative/Indie.


Now you do one it's super fun. Start with the first cd you got and try to make your way to your current taste using bands you listened to in chronological order.
my friend showed me linkin park. that got me into "heavy stuff." id never listened to anything with screaming in it. then i got into thrice from someone else. this got me more into hardcore type stuff with cool guitar riffs. then that went into avenged sevenfold. then into bands like as i lay dying, job for a cowboy, as blood runs black, darkest hour, all that remains. then i started liking stuff that was more complex because of listening to people like paul gilbert and stuff. then i got into between the buried and me. they combine a lot of stuff i love into their music. then i got into protest the hero. then i went to a show and saw the devil wears prada and loved them. right now my favorite bands are btbam, tdwp, pth, and thrice. but i still love classic rock/blues/rock/indie/blahblahblah. then i posted a wall of text. lame.
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metallica -> muse -> killswitch engage -> coheed and cambria -> iron maiden -> rush -> ??? ->protest the hero -> eric johnson

theres more inbetween but too hard to remember lol
it all started off probably when i met some kid in like 5th grade who had some korn cd and we were jammin to it and thats probably the first time i started liking rock/metal, then i actually bought all of korns albums then eventually into like slipknot and all that crap on the radio but all that **** got weak and i eventually started jammin to **** like metallica, death, testament, but yeah bro i think korn was like the first band i ever got into
Will just some it up quickly.

The Darkness -> The Offspring -> Metallica -> Trivium -> Pantera -> Dream Theater -> Ayumi Hamasaki

And after that it just went everywhere. It was starting to go in lots of different places by DT, quite a bit of rock, altrock and metal in there. Then when I got to Ayumi Hamasaki I pretty much started trying and enjoying Jazz, Blues, Classical, lots of random asian music, everything. Yeah.
A Bit odd to start but:
Eminem-> Red Hot Chili Peppers-> Green Day-> Guns N Roses-> Iron Maiden-> Avenged Sevenfold-> Metallica

Then just in general more mainstream metal and hard rock.
Red Hot Chili Peppers --> Nightwish --> Guns N' Roses --> Iron Maiden --> Megadeth --> Rush --> Led Zeppelin --> Pink Floyd
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boy bands (when I was like 8) --> pop-punk (like blink-182 and new found glory) --> weezer --> 90's alternative

and it kind of went from there
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aerosmith-->led zeppelin-->black sabbath-->NWOBHM/thrash and 70s punk bands
NWOBHM and thrash-->iron maiden-->motorhead-->megadeth-->
and 70s punk bands-->ramones-->the sex pistols-->the damned-->the UK subs-->grunge
grunge-->nirvana-->melvins-->mudhoney-->80s indie/alternative
80s indie/alternative-->pixies-->dinosaur jr-->noise rock
noise rock-->velvet underground-->jesus and mary chain-->sonic youth-->janes chance and the contortions

i missed a lot i guess, but a lot of what i like came in at random times.
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The Beatles --> U2 --> Red Hot Chili Peppers --> 90's alternative rock --> Sonic Youth --> The Velvet Underground --> Garage Rock Revival --> Hold Steady/My Morning Jacket

I'm missing loads of bands, but I got bored.
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Simple Plan/Good Charlotte/Sum 41/All American Rejects--->Green Day/Blink 182--->Ramones, The Clash, Rise Against/Against Me--->Minor Threat/Bad Brains/Dead Kennedies/Black Flag (still listening to a lot of the same bands as the last stage)--->Jawbreaker--->Sunny Day Real Estate/Texas is the Reason/Get Up Kids--->Alt/Indie

(at the same time) Jawbreaker--->Husker Du/Minutemen/Dinosaur Jr/Pixies

Mine isn't as exact as that because I still listen to a lot of punk and pop punk. Green Day still gets played occasionally.
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Thin Lizzy << Guns N Roses << Metallica << Pantera << Exhorder << Black Sabbath << Alter Bridge << Tenacious D << Slipknot << Five Finger Death Punch

Just The Main One's...I Really Don't Listen To Much Else Tbh
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Eh, my indie odyssey just started when my guitar teacher played the opening riff to Built to Spill's "Bad Light" in a lesson one day and I liked it so much I immediately went out and bought "Keep It Like a Secret". Six months later I was at the Sonic Youth/Patti Smith/Paul Westerberg show.
Black Sabbath > AC/DC > The White Stripes/Raconteurs > Muse > Radiohead > The Mars Volta > Animal Collective > Neutral Milk Hotel > Minus the Bear > Tera Melos

I still like every single one of those bands (apart from AC/DC).
believe it not my musical tastes began with green day sounding stuff from the early/mid 90s when i was young. my older brothers grew up with me and i just used to listen to their stuff. it then transpired into alt-ier things.
blink 182> i went to the warped tour (decided it wasn't for me)>the strokes> Weezer> The Red Hot Chili peppers> the mars volta> at the drive in> RADIOHEAD. MODEST MOUSE> alternative/independent/experimental/jazz/folk/country/blah blah blah blah
Avril Lavigne -> Muse -> Evanescence -> free CD with Kerrang! (with loads of bands on there) -> The Distillers -> My Chemical Romance -> Aiden -> Avenged Sevenfold/Atreyu -> pretty much everything...it still continues...

Pop "The Cure" (Grew up listening to this) > Spice Girls (8-9) > Eminem (10-12) > Busted (12) > Oasis(14-16) > The Beatles (16 - 17) > The Strokes (17) > Radiohead (17) > Joy Division/New Order (17-19) > All of "The Cure"

Huh. Strange to see it set out like that, but these were the bands I listened to most. Starts and ends on the cure, I think that's quite cool
Hmm, I don't know. I guess I kind of started with Oasis and then moved onto Beatles which led me to other 60's/70's stuff like Led Zeppelin/Sex Pistols/The Clash. After this I got into The Velvet Underground which led me to noise rock and other indie kind of music. Which was when I realized that bands/artists without originality suck, more or less, and that kind of made me wanna explore other genres.
All that got me started with the music I like was my guitar teacher. He reccomended me Wilco and Maps & Atlases. That got me to Indie/Alt and Math/Intrumental Rock. I just started using last.fm to find
more bands similar to those.
My first favorite band was Metallica too, But I grew out of it.
linkin park > green day > red hot chili peppers > indie

actually, i feel so uncool posting this
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I have a few lines, all leading here. It all stems from my days of watching music videos online, or music my parents bought me for birthdays.

Puff Daddy (I was a hardcore 9-year-old) - AC/DC - The Who - Hendrix - The Beatles - Elephant Six Collective - Alt/Indie.

Barenaked Ladies - Green Day/Blink182/ Sum 41 - The Strokes - The Hives - The White Stripes - The Black Keys - Alt/Indie.

The Postal Service - Death Cab for Cutie - Sufjan Stevens - Alt/Indie.
The Beatles, Blur, 60's soul, classic rap and desi ---> Dixie Chicks ---> Madonna ---> Contemporary Pop ---> Good Charlotte ---> Blink-182 ---> Jimmy-Eat-World --->Punk ---> Minor Threat ---> Misfits ---> Alternative Rock ---> Nirvana ---> Radiohead ---> Sonic Youth ---> Smashing Pumpkins ---> Pixies ---> Indie-Rock ---> The Smiths ---> and so on and so forth

I realise this makes no sense, and I've left out some really big ones for me, like Bjork and M.I.A., because they sort of came out of nowhere
Country, pop, etc - > Classic Rock -> Metal -> Hardcore -> Punk Rock -> Blues -> Pop Punk, Indie.

I've kinda progressed from "hard" to soft music.
Blink 182 --> Green Day--> 50 Cent (which, I know, makes no sense) -->Sex Pistols -->Clash -->Bad Brains and other hardcore --> Indie --> Classic Rock, Progressive, Post Punk, Jazz, and just about everything else.
Classic Rock (AC/DC, Zep, stuff my dad listened to) -> Green Day -> Nofx, Rancid, Bad Religion -> Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols -> Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Bad Brains -> Fugazi, ATDI -> Post Punk (what i mostly listen to now, but still like a lot of the previous stuff and some jazz and prog)
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Switchfoot and Relient K...ew ---> (crappy taste)
Linkin Park, System of a Down---> (more crappy taste)

Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead----> (my classic rock era)
Emery, Norma Jean, Dashboard Confessional, Haste the Day---> (simultaneous immersion into the emo/screamo scene)

I was hanging out with two groups of friends with different musical tastes

the Beatles----> (revolution)

the Mars Volta, Megadeth, Mastodon, the Beatles, Explosions in the sky, porcupine tree --->
(a bunch of stuff was going on here)

Broken Social Scene, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, Animal Collective, the Blood Brothers---> (somehow I got here (good thing))

Television, Built to Spill, Sonic Youth, Pavement ---> (researching the indie roots)

Pixies, the Blood Brothers, Spoon, Thrice, Wolf Parade, Lightning Bolt, Jay Reatard, Animal Collective ---> (now)

It makes no sense to me either.
Started listening to punk and grunge (everything from The Offspring to Nirvana to the Clash) at a quite early age because my older cousins did it. And from there I just kind of started to explore other "alternative" music. Which somehow led me here. I honestly don't know how, exactly. But that was the way it all happened.
It all stemmed from "Classic Rock" (Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones) or 60s-70s music in general. I started listening that because my brother was always listening to it.

All of these chains happened roughly at the same time:

Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen led me to Nick Drake. Nick Drake led me to discover indie singer-songwriters like Lou Barlow, (Smog), Elliott Smith, Mark Kozelek etc. early on but I never really identified them as "indie".

The Beatles led me to bands like The Smiths and The Stone Roses.
The Beatles -> The Smiths -> Joy Division -> post-punk
whilst, simultaneously...
Pink Floyd -> Radiohead -> My Bloody Valentine -> Shoegaze/noise etc. This reignited my interest in the Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground -> Television -> N.Y. Bands -> Sonic Youth -> Dinosaur Jr. -> Husker Du -> all those 80s American Underground bands -> Indie as well as Punk -> Emo
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