covent garden
it has been fifty-four weeks

do you remember us, here
in covent garden?
i walked through again
alone this time
not much has changed

i walked the bridge we crossed
to the TATE Modern after covent garden
i came upon the stands
selling overpriced artwork and clothing and jewelry
and i thought of you

do you remember us, here
walking through the tourist market
just ouside of covent garden?
i made you laugh then
i was better then

and now, i walk through covent garden
with you at my side
not much has changed
your thin lips
your brown eyes
your delicate fingers
your laugh
and i am, once again
who i was
fifty-four weeks ago
This is solid stuff Teg. There may be some things you could add to breathe a little more life, a little more colour into it mainly, but the read was good. I just felt it lacked a little in excitement.

Glad to see you post.
I preferred this to the other, mainly because of the small added details in the setting and character, as always your stuff is a gentle read that never bores, as always it was a pleasure.

Good to see you back dude.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.