Good old ebay...

I'm looking at buying one, cos it looks nice, and I need a guitar with humbuckers. I don't expect much from it, but it's cheap so I can replace any crap hardware.

Anyway, I can't find anything about it! Not even google will help me. So has anyone here ever seen/heard of it.

Cheers UG

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um. Wouldnt the logical thing be to message the owner and find out about it?

try that.
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I advise you don't by a guitar like this, you can be lucky if it's not crap but I wouldn't take the chance, it's simpler if you saved some more and bought an epi LP, preferably one of the older series, I did it the same way and bought an epi LP goldtop, buildingyear unknown but pre-1990 and it beats modern gibsons so it's better if you saved some more money. honestly I mean this!


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Just checked where the location is and I live there!

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You could probably get something better. Maybe an Epiphone or something, I don't trust any guitars under the price of £200.
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Well, I've already emailed the seller for some more info about it, so as soon as I hear back I'll put it up here. If it's got decent body wood it may be worth it just to mod and tinker with.
I'm pretty dubious myself, but thought I'd check here just in case.

Cheers guys
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You could probably get something better. Maybe an Epiphone or something, I don't trust any guitars under the price of £200.

I bought my Telecaster for 190 quid :P
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The seller got back to me, and doesn't know the woods used, but they are directly imported fom china, and are apparently equals of the cheaper epi models.
Might be worth getting one and modding it. Only £90, so can't argue too much!
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