Say I have a guitar where the controls are mounted on the wood not the pickguard. I want to take out the volume knob etc and replace it with a flat metal cap. I'm having a hard time finding these on the internet. What would they be called and where should I look? I know they must exist somewhere.
keep an open mind. you don't necessarily have to use something specifically designed for a guitar. if you do chances are it will be overpriced. look around your house, you might have something that will work. glue a dime over the hole. fill it in with a dowel or spackle, sand it and paint it. or go to a hardware store or better yet a metal shop and ask them. they might be really cool and help out. i've gone to metal shops and dug through scrap bins looking for something for a guitar, and they just give me what i find. they aren't trying to make money on small slugs or other pieces of scrap that could just have easily fell under a machine and sat there for 8 years. it might as well have a good home in your guitar, and their shop will be cleaner for it. if all else fails try stewmac.com or lmii.com or allparts.com. they $hould have what you want.