Good Afternoon, T&C.

Lately I've been getting into metal, so I decided to write a small instrumental. It draws references from lots of classical music, like Theme One, which is actually the Moonlight Sonata.
its alot better than i expected it to be. when i see neo classical written anywhere all i can think of is malmsteen. ok well then main riff was not somthing i would have written but it was catchy and memorable (in fact its playing in my head now). The themes were sweet. i thought the first one sounded abit like hotel californa. personaly i though the best peice of this song is the interlude.


Good work
the first sounds like an attempt to rip off scarified by racer x, oter than that it was fantastic
3rd-ing the "scarified"-thing:

Change that, way too close. Especially odd when you consider that the rest of the song shows that you seem to be good enough and don't have to depend on ripping.
Will crit when that's fixed
i believe too, that this sounds alot like scarified. im going to turn this on with my friend in the room (without telling him what it is), and he is a huge paul gilbert fan. if he says "is that scarified?", then i would think you've gotta change your riff dude . im afraid that something like this is gonna happen to me, that im gonna make a cool riff and its already going to be fairly old.

but as for whats good, i liked the entire rest of the song. seriously, all the themes are really nice, and i can't really complain about any of them (even when scrounging for something to complain about).