I currently have an Ashdown Fallen Angel 40DSP Combo. I'm just wondering if connecting it up to an external cab would be a good way to increase the overall tightness and bass respone of it. It's pretty vintage voiced and I was wondering also if different speakers could help a bit with making it sound slightly more modern. And if so what cab would you reccomend?


and before I get asked, I play modern hardcore/metalcore style stuff and have a budget of about £250
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Well I got the Fallen Angel Stack and i had the same problem as you! You should buy a pedal or even a board like i did. My Line 6 POD Xt Live really gives it whatever sound you need
First thing to try is an EQ pedall
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a deeper bass response?? on a Fallen Angel? I guess I'll let you elaborate because the bass is pretty extreme. on channel two, I have it set pretty low at between 1 and 2 (NOT o'clock).

on the clean channel its higher. I play mostly clean and find it quite good.

I did replace the speaker with an Eminence Legend as well as swap out all tubes. This was an improvement. I sometimes hook it up to the Celestion Vintage G 10" speaker I have in another amp amp either solo or with the 12". frankly I think a 210 cab would be a good fit as an extension cab for this given how bassy it is.