hey guys, im new, so, i want some help.

i play electric guitar and im self taught for about 2 yrs.

im really trying to become a better guitarist, so what should i specifally do to help me become better. like, should i just learn songs, or learna **** load of scales? what should i do.

i guess i should put in here my favorite bands, cuz i pretty much wanna sound like these guitarists: led zeppelin, red hot chili peppers, grand funk railroad, jimi hendrix, black sabbath.

i just wanna kno what i should be doing, (when i practice) that would make me better.

learn a small amount of theory say like every week or something, then incorporate it into your playing or learn a song with different techniques in.

yeah I'd say dont learn loads of theory at once as it can be boring, just small amounts is fine. and find songs you find fun to play at get them really tight, then move on to another song
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learn specific songs that you think sound challenging, slowing them down and learning them part by part

learn the major, minor, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, and blues scales in AT LEAST 1st and 2nd position on the fretboard (there are 5 positions for scales)

learn major, minor, 5th, 7th chords in different positions around the fretboard

start learning a little bit of theory, such as the structure of chords and scales, and how they work, and learn about key signatures and such, starting at grade 2 level theory (grade 2 is almost the same as grade 1, with a tiny little bit more in it's sylabus)

hope this helps to give you a decent starting point.
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