Alright. Our band is pretty iffy. Here's just some problems we've all been having.

1. My co-guitarist is lead/rhythm, but he doesn't want to learn a bit of theory, he's damn good for his speed and accuracy, and he's better than me when it comes to things like that, but when he wants to just jam I can't play with him at all. He doens't every stay in a key for two seconds, and when he switches it's often not musical at all, I mean, it doesn't sound bad at all, but I just can't keep up with his changing.

2. Our singer had sung for us by himself, and we all agreed that he sounded excellent, but now he has not taken the inititave to buy a microphone and he hasn't practiced one time with us during this entire summer. Also he has guitar lessons, and he plays guitar in a very repetitive way, he's also great but, he wants to play guitar more than sing.

3. We all play together good, when we're covering songs, but I'm deffinitely worried about writing songs.

Any tips on what I should or could do? I'm practically the leader of the band, I tab out everything, I write the drum tabs for our drummer, I take the most hold of the situations, so what should I do? all help would be appreciated.
1. Explain to your guitarist that the basis of most popular music is comprised of melodies supported by harmonies and that they must work together in order to succeed. It is much easier to write songs in one key unless you know how to change keys and modulate effectively.

2. Decide whether you want to keep him on as a second guitarist or perhaps give him another instrument. If he still wants to sing, it is definitely worth your time to practice with him acoustically so that he can learn the songs without a mic.

3. There's nothing wrong with being a cover band. When it comes time to writing your own material, just be sure to encourage everyone's contributions.
2)I reckon having you+other guitarist playing guitar most of the time, then having your singer play every so often in a song would be good, though I'm imagining him having an Electric-Acoustic.

3)Write stuff down when you think of an idea for lyrics, and just jam together to come up with music, it doesn't have to be brilliant, experiance will make you better.
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