Hi All,

I normally play straight blues, im a self taught player of 9 years, although this particular style doesnt promote excessive guitar so its probably not very impressive technicialy, however i will post more tracks if people like it.

I am working on several more tracks i will let everyone know when they are up...

I want to know whether this style is good to listen to?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Wow its ****ing awesome. I wouldn't make it a blues :-) I'd take first few minutes (1-2) and then start some ****ing heavy thrash riff, and whoa it would be cool :-) Neat sound
Guitars very cool but the ,but on the drums could still improve because in my opinion is not as well.This is Acoustica Beatcraft??..It's very original music man
Yeah - it was acoustica beatcraft although im using a different drum machine now.

(Although i can play the drums, i have no idea about the technical aspect of playing them, so i suck with drum machines )

I was definitely going for an original sound so that means a lot.

I have another track lined up to post tonight I hope it goes down as well as this one.