Ok, obviously I have an Epiphone Les Paul. Which doesn't sound all that great through my V3.

I will be getting a new guitar in the future anyway but will be keeping the L.P. also.

My real question I guess is...is it worth it to replace the pick ups on a Epi LP, price wise? Will it make that much of a difference with the cheaper model guitar?

BTW the amp sounds great my Charvel/Jackson plays nice through it but a $1600 guitar vs. $600. But the Jackson is a single humbucker and dual single coil set up.
Well i never like Epi at all, =| thats just me though and maybe the fact that everyone with one i knew sucked really bad with one helped. Anyways if you say the epi was 600$ though it must not be all that bad and i suppose a pickup swap would help alot.

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Yea the amp is a Carvin V3.
The Epi plays decent and for like $180 - $200 for pickups vs like $600-$800 for a Schecter or something similar seems better.

The Epi has a shorter scale neck than my Jackson so certain things seem easier to play on it where it comes to long stretches.
What kind of LP is this? LP-100? Studio? Standard? Custom?
EDIT: Oh. Well, I'd say a SD 59 or Jazz in the neck and a SD custom 5 in the bridge
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I will keep those 2 in mind...I was looking at the pickup picker on dimarzio's site and doing some other research and the PAF Joe Neck and Fred Bridge were 2 others I was looking at.
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I think you really need to play around the with EQ some more. That thing is powerful.
I still need to take a pic of my co-guitarist's EQ, as he has a V3, for someone else. I'll share.

Yea I noticed the amp is really responsive to changes in eq, I could spend all day playing with it. It's nice though cause it makes it very versatile.

The problem is I play both guitars through it, and it is tuned great for the jackson but kinda muddy almost too heavy or warm with the Epi no matter how I tune the eq so far.

I do need a better cab for my V3 atm, I am using an old Line 6 Spider II cab, my cusin has a Mesa Road ready cab with the 2 diff black shadows or whatever and it sounds a lot better on it.
if you like the guitar, it's probably worth a pickup swap.
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get some new pups

bridge - Dimarzio Norton
neck - Dimarzio PAF Pro

also get a new cab
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