It didnt used to be a problem, but since ive been playing faster stuff, i have been getting frustrated with the pic moving between my thumb and index finger. It will turn about 15 degrees or so and move up a little bit, requireing a pause in my playing to periodicaly adjust the position of the pic.

I have been using a dunlop 1 mil, it is the grippiest pic i can find. I dont sweat much when playing the guitar so i dunno whats causing it or how to fix it. I might try wrapping duct tape around my fingers or something.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tricks to combat this frustrating problem?

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well how do you hold the pick, between your thumb and the side of your index finger, or litterally by pressing thumb and index together with the pick between? With the latter option the pick used to move for me.
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I suggest a Combination of Exactly 10% Milk, 30% Glue, 50% Hand Sanitizer, 10%egg whites.
But make sure you mix it in a Small cup, and let it sit for a minute before you apply.

It works Freakin Miracles, and it doesn't cost nearly as much as the Gorrila Snot Stuff.
Plus it's easy to make, And you just have to leave your hand in it for about 10 seconds.
It leaves your hands soft, But reacts to heat.
So it'll Hold the pick alright.
Punch a hole in the center of the area where you hold the pick. My dad does this and I used to (until I learned to hold it better).
YES, get stubbies and it will never happen again.
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I use a razor knife or something of the sort to put a cross hatch pattern on my picks makes a huge difference. And doesnt involve any thing gooey etc. But I found to thick a pick still makes it happen with me. I use the green fenders but anything thicker causes twist.