Up for sale is an extremely RARE and Highly Collectable, Fullerton production of a 1984 USA made Fender Stratocaster ’57 RI finished in a Tobacco Sunburst with a Maple neck, Skunk Stripe, Serial Number V010XXX.

The body is in excellent shape with some wear as expected from a 24 year old vintage.The front of the neck has some real minor wear.

This Startocaster is fitted with a 5 way switch; pots are dated R1378330 and neck dates September 1984. Also included is a an Original Fender Tweed Case as pictured along with the instruction manual worth alone a few hundred dollars and with an inspection tag, registration warranty and belt

The sound is awesome!!

I really need to sell this. My grandfather inherited it to me, I`d love to keep it but the bills are killing me.

I have really many pictures so if you are interested just drop me a msg with your mail adress and I will mail you alot of pictures ( over 50 )

This guitar is located in germany as I live here. You are welcome to visit me and check the guitar by yourself.

Asking price: 3500 $ + Shipping expenses.
That's about 2000 Euros... seems a bit much for re-issue! Then again I don't know much about the history of the guitar.
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You are welcome to make an offer but I think the price is really fair for its mint condition. To be hounest I do not know much about its history either as I inherited it. If you are interested in pictures let me know. regards
BTW, claiming it has some wear and then saying its mint condition doesn't really add up
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TS, no offence but this seems a little fishy, seeing as you only signed up today with the username 1984strato and just so happen to be selling this guitar. You might be genuine but you will have a hard time selling something like this considering you only signed up today.

If you are genuine I hope you can make the sale, or consider learning to play. This guitar sounds like a beauty.