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I am thinking of getting a 2nd guitar, as my LP style Jordin is kinda wearing out, not totally but it's electronics are starting to play up, and I am thinkgin of straig band and would like to have 2 a back-up anyway.

I am thinking of buying an Epi LP Black Beauty, with 3 humbuckers. It is going to be pretty expensive though (1099 Australian), without case, strap, strap locks etc. IO ghater they are prety good quality, and have got some good reviews. I juist wonde though whether it would be beter to shell out say $799 (inc case) for a 355 style legacy fitted with EMG humbuckers, or maybe an equivalently priced Epi LP or SG. I want a thick, classic rock sound, ala Cream, Led Zep, Hendrix (used a strat I know) Free etc, so am leaning toward the Black Beauty, but it seems an awful lot of money. Any suggestions? Maybe stuick with just the Jordin for now?

Why not replace the hardware in your Les Paul, instead of buying the Epi. The Epi would still benefit from better tuners, wiring, pickups etc, plus that headstock is fugly with the cutoff corners imho.
have you seen the new Epiphone Prophecy series
thems some nice looking guitars for a decent price.

Epiphone LP Prophecy GX

this one is my favorite
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Maybe that could be good, but it's only a cheapish guitar (not a eal LP) and so I was wondring whether by the time you replace the hardware, whether it wouldn;t be cheaper to buy something new,. and a little better quality, although i do love my current axe. PLus I need to thinik about getting a back up anyway, or retiring the currnet one to a back up.
that black beauty is overpriced I don't think you should get it. There is one in my Long and Mcquade for $699 CDN which is roughly the same currency I beleive. Maybe like Enigma 829 said a Prophecy, they;re quite good quality.
Thanks, I thought it seemd a bit pricwey, and I wold have thought (although i'm not really a gear hea) that 3 pups would greatly improve the sopund,. I havebn;t played it yet though, AI was told that the store was getting one in that they thought i would like. Not that they saw dollar signs or anything lol. Unfortunately I am no quite that gullibel, hence the [post here.
i got mine for like $500? look for good deals on eBay and stuff, you can find em for around $450 US
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