Im going to Berklee in 2 weeks and they said ill need some practice headphones.Whats a good(affordable) Industry Standard?Any recomendations?
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any headphones that are large (no s****y ipod ones) and look like they could survive a hammer whacking them are usually good choices. also, make sure they have a bit of length to the leads (again, no s****y ipod length ones) so that you can plug into an amp then stand up and play, and make sure they have an adaptable end so that they'll fit into your iPod/CD player AND you amp. other than that, just look round curry's, maplins etc for some.
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I had awesome Protech headphones, but they didn't survive the hammer whacking... ...
i have the panasonic RP-HTX7

anyways they are pretty good
very very reasonably priced originially 80 i got mine for thirty on sale
and they survived me so they have to be good
plus they look really cute so u dont look like a tool when you are wearing them out in public
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Sennheiser are respected

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I don't know what affordable means to you, but the Sennheiser HD280 Pro is a great model that will run about 100 USD.
i love my bose headphones, they were 160 USD i do believe.
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Get the Bose Triport. You can find them for as low as $130 new or $60 - $70 used. They are great.
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