I've been looking for a new one for some time, my old 1GB one just inst cutting it anymore. The only thing that seemed alright was the iPod classic. But that's 80GB, and I only have about 10GB of music. I don't want the ipod touch because I hate touchscreens and it's too expensive for what it is.

I'm really looking for something inbetween 12-20GB in space, but apart from the iPod touch there's nothing I've seen in the stores here.
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If you were to get the 80GB classic it'd be worth it, you could put videos on it and stuff. And simply not have to worry about filling it up for years if you do just put music on it. I have the 160GB version and I love it.
There's this good one called "google search for user ratings". That one gives all you need 90% of the time when it comes to common gadgets. I use the Zune though.
1st generation 30GB Zune
works great, awesome interface
zune player doesn't suck balls like itunes

and not a bad price either
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I second the 80gb classic. I have the 160GB version and its awesome. I have about 70gb of music but its still great to have al the free space. New music just keeps coming! Oh, and video!
get a zune.

They rape Ipods in every way. EVERY WAY
The screens never dent or ding, there practicly unbreakable (I dropped mine 5 feet on a hard concrete floor and all i have is a little dent on the corner.

It has a radio, you can share music w/ other zunes, bigger screen and no more stupid touch weel.. ITS A TOUCH PAD! =P