well i got a chance to try
Ibanez jem77v 2005 which comes with Breed pickups and American basswood body(it's black colour )

but i didn't have chance to try Jem 7v (white one, Steve vai one )
it comes with Evo pickups and Alder body

So i just want to know seriously which one is better???
and any advices?
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The cheaper one, I have a feeling they feel about the same, lol.
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well both of them are signature guitars of steve vai anyways'
but i have check dimarzio site
it's telling me that 77v(black one)got a fatter tone
and well i wanna play some rock,blues, not really kind of metal. However i just fall in love with jem (lol)
cheaper one?? they're selling the same price in thailand...no difference....damn the guitar shop!
Gear Ibanez...Rg321
well if i really wanna go for the one i liked just for color... i would go for black color
but since i have Rg321 Basswood already ... it's kinda same?? but i feel that the jem77v is much more lighter compare to my Rg
Gear Ibanez...Rg321
They are both hugely overpriced. I wouldn't pay more than 1100-1200 for them, and they are 2000+

For that price, you can get way better.

But to answer your question: i dont think there is alot of difference between those guitars. Test them both if you want to be sure.
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well i think that their craftship is really amazed me when i touch it....(well i think u never touch it that why u didn't know ;P)
i can get the white one for about 1900$ only....even it's second hand but it's not really been used...

the problem is the black one which i really like it for the color....but i have to get first hand at 2700$ which is a huge difference!
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in japan...jem are cheap guitar...it's price in japan is about just 2100$ for a brand new one....
well i mean comparatively cheap! ;P
when jem travel to north america...it comes some what 2600$+
so u gotta pay for it ticket way long to come to ur home :P
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