Yep you saw the title, Gibson is robot. The company has made future guitars ,now!
I never really played one, but they`re a self tuning guitar with motorized tuning machines that can do many tunings, like drop d, half step down, drop a#, drop a....etc, all tunings,really. The come in diferent colors... including silverburst. They have a pricey tag, but if you find one on sale you`ll be in very good luck. Start finding one for a good price, & buy one. This is 1 of Gibson`s best ideas yet, no more worrying about titening the strings to far and breaking them.
Just a little message to get you thinking about buying a new guitar.
Wonderful, use the search bar in future and then go away.

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gibson is using UG to further promote its products, nice
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Yup, $3000 for something I can easily do myself. Great idea.
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hmm...a bit late bud
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umm... why hasn't this been closed yet on many counts of idiocy... pretty much everyone's known that Gibson has had these 'robot' guitars. they came out a while ago and stopped making them, now they're making newer ones... not any new news at al...
Debuted 2 winter NAMMs ago. OLD NEWS
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